Getting the right kind of advice is often difficult.

Most people you ask either aren’t well enough informed or have some kind of hidden agenda – if you are asking for help from a shop then this is usually because they have stock or products they want to sell you.

I don’t hold any stock and I thoroughly check the facts before I give advice.

I’ll show you the options and explain them so you can make informed choices – and I’ll respect your decision.

I believe that people make the wrong decisions about computers because the right decision wasn’t part of the choices they were presented with.

The advice I give covers all the options and with my teaching experience I’ll be able to explain everything in as much detail as you want.

BBC Radio Stoke have used my advice live on air several times. If you are interested in listening to these broadcasts then click this to hear them.

Just ring the numbers at the top of the page to discuss your situation.

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