Thinking you have lost your precious data because your computer has developed a fault is obviously stressful.

What makes this worse is the prospect of having to pay hundreds of pounds to a data recovery company to try and get it back.

I can offer 95% of the same services at much more realistic prices.

The 5% I cannot do involves full mechanical intervention needing very specialised devices and a laboratory environment. This is actually the worst case situation and in these unfortunate cases the faulty drive needs to be fully dismantled. The platters that have the data on are completely removed and analysed.

Luckily, most recovery operations do not fall into this category and data is usually recoverable using much less intensive methods.

It’s worth noting that hard drives normally have 1 year warranties and that the warranty will cover drive replacement, but not data loss or data recovery.

This doesn’t mean that your hard drive will develop a fault after 366 days but it does mean that the older it gets the more likely it is to develop a problem.

So if you are worried about data loss on a faulty computer then give me a ring.

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