Why Choose Me?

If you've never used my services before then this isn't an unreasonable question. Here's some reasons why customers have chosen me to solve their computer problems. So if you've got a problem with your PC or you're looking to get a new one then give me a ring.Or use the contact form on this … Read more about Why Choose Me?

Live Broadcasts

Here are the live BBC Radio Stoke broadcasts that I've been featured in. Here I talk about passwords and the security issues associated with their length and complexity. This looks at avoiding malicious web sites and the effectiveness of current antivirus software. … Read more about Live Broadcasts


Getting the right kind of advice is often difficult. Most people you ask either aren't well enough informed or have some kind of hidden agenda - if you are asking for help from a shop then this is usually because they have stock or products they want to sell you. I don't hold any stock and I … Read more about Advice

Damage Repairs

If your computer has physical damage then I can repair it. There are a lot of things that can be damaged, but below is a list of the most common faults I deal with. All of the above, and more, can be quickly and efficiently repaired using quality screwdrivers from Wera and professional … Read more about Damage Repairs

Speed Up

If your computer is sluggish or slow then I can speed it up. Years of experience have given me the skills and expertise your computer needs to bring it up to the proper performance level that your computer is actually able to achieve. This applies to any PC regardless of it's age - I can even … Read more about Speed Up

Data Recovery

Thinking you have lost your precious data because your computer has developed a fault is obviously stressful. What makes this worse is the prospect of having to pay hundreds of pounds to a data recovery company to try and get it back. I can offer 95% of the same services at much more realistic … Read more about Data Recovery


I'm a qualified and experienced teacher. So if you need some help with your PC then I can offer a range of tuition to suit your requirements. … Read more about Tuition


I build systems for everyone. Each system is unique and as bespoke as the customer wants. But doesn't mean your new computer has to be expensive. I carefully match the system components to the customer budget to try and match the system to your needs and your budget at the same time. And … Read more about Systems

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